100% Wood • Low Ash Creation • High BTU

We sell premium hardwood pellet fuel. Maximize your stove’s effeciency and produce clean heat.

Hardwood or Softwood 40 lb. bags

Schedule delivery or pick up at our Middlefield location.

Fuel Cost Calculator: Pellets, Fuel Oil, Electricity, Natural Gas, LP, Dried Hardwood

We carry pellets year round but offer extra low prices in the off season.

Low, low prices in April, May, June

Get your pellet fuel now for next season! Delivery prices are lower too.

There is a $5 per ton fee for credit card payments.

Bulk Distributor of Wood Pellet Fuel

Brands We Stock

Pellet Fuel Pricing

Cozi Heat – $234.19

Easy Heat – $262.29

Country Boy – $290.40

Hamer – $299.77

Or bring a friend that purchases a Stove from us and get $40.00 off your next Pellet purchase!

Delivery available. Prices subject to change due to fuel prices and transporation costs. Delivery prices will increase in September. Delivery price determined by location.